Beau Chant Commissions

Christopher Aspaas

How Can I Keep From Singing 
dedicated to the composer’s high school teacher, Dione Peterson

You Are Mine
Written in memory of Donna Belling Kolbeck

Ora Pro Nobis
Written in tribute to Beau Chant’s Executive Director, Laura Heisel Mosset

Kyle Pederson

Repeat the Joy
Written for Beau Chant’s ACDAMN Fall Conference performance

When Christmas Morn is Dawning
Sponsored by Douglas Diamonds with Consortio commission

Deanna Wehrspann

A Simple Love
Commissioned by Shirley Sampson in memory of her husband, Dr. Robert N. Sampson for Beau Chants performance at the ACDAMN Fall Conference

Director with composers

Kyle Pederson, Dione Belling and Christopher Aspaas

Dionne Belling and composer Christopher Aspaas